Hector Deville – Someone to Trust or Just Another Scammer?

Note: This is a review of Hector Deville’s products – Click Here For His Official Site

Hector Deville - Learn Forex LiveThere are many scammers in the Forex market and unfortunately it’s not always easy to determine who you can trust and who you should avoid. On this blog I review some of Hector Deville’s products to help answer some of the questions you may have.

I first heard about Hector Deville a couple of years ago when someone recommended his Hectortrader Forex Course to me. I purchased the course and watched all 15 hours of his videos with great interest. Hector is a very entertaining teacher and the material in this course was first class. I was very keen to get started and put his 3SMA system into practice, but unfortunately life interfered and I never got to the point of actually trading live with this method.

Two years later I was ready to make a new commitment to Forex trading and when I revisited the Hectortrader course I found out that Hector has just released a new course called Learn Forex Live. This course was an upgrade to the old one..it contains many more trading strategies, advanced indicators and various other things that weren’t included in the original Hectortrader course. I decided to purchase the new course and was amazed to see how much stuff was included in this product. This new course consists of 5 comprehensive price action trading strategies. Each strategy is covered in great detail, complete with many examples, live trades etc. On top of that you receive 2 advanced indicators that are worth the price of the course alone.

I spent many hours watching Hector’s videos and particularly liked the “Part Time Trader” strategy that focuses on large movements on the Daily charts. Hector doesn’t really teach any “secrets” that nobody knows about like so many other people claim to do..he teaches proven price action strategies that most of the professional traders use and he leaves no stone unturned. Inside the Learn Forex Live course you will learn how to trade with trendlines, support and resistance, pin bars and all the other well known price action strategies that the pros use. I have seen similar courses sell for $2000 online, so the amount of information you receive for the price is definitely worth it.

I have exchanged dozens of emails with Hector since I purchased his course and he has always been very helpful. He is a professional trader who uses the strategies that he teaches on a daily basis and not just a clever marketer like many of the other “experts” in the market who aren’t really Forex traders. I told Hector that I’m going to write this review and he agreed to give my viewers a special sneak peak so that you can see what the course is all about. He also decided to give you free access to one of the modules of the course, so I definitely recommend that you check it out.

Click Here for a Special Sneak Peak into the Learn Forex Live Course

Are Hector’s strategies profitable? Personally I have only had time to use the Part Time strategy, but I’ve made some good profits with it so far. I have no doubt that you don’t need more than this course to become a full time trader..it teaches everything that the professional trades use and you can apply it to any market, not just Forex. Even if you don’t want to spend the money to buy the full course, I recommend that you at least check out the free strategies he teaches..his videos are very informative and entertaining. See the link to his free stuff below.

Click Here to Visit Hector’s Free Forex Strategies

Hector Deville's Learn Forex Live

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  1. zan says:


    thanks for video, and isnt have saxobank wide spread on Forex pairs? and what is the minimum and maximum leverage on both brokers?,
    and can i subscribe your course and strategies with Visa card? and whats the name of strategy that will you recom. for Swing Trading and that can be used with yours perfect scanning trading indicators and where and when will i get password for others chapters?

    Best regards,

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