Welcome to Hector Deville Dot Com

This website will contain information about Hector Deville and his Forex products.

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  1. Bruce Hands says:

    Hello admin,

    It’s funny, I did a search for Hector DeVille after signing up for his course to ‘test out’ and couldn’t agree more with your review. Hector uses classic technical approaches with his price based trading method. It reminds me of the Richard D. Wyckoff methods taught back in the 1930’s and its amazing to see how these principles hold up so well in the Forex markets to this day.

    You also get a 30 day money back guarantee which I could still return at this point if I elected to. I’m totally satisfied and wouldn’t dare return this course. I am creating a series of documents with screen shots and notes from Hector’s lucid points from each video series. It take a bit of time but will serve very well for reference material especially when trying out a new strategy.

    I much prefer the video’s to text for my learning style, and the note taking nails this information into memory.

    What a refreshing and in depth course compared to so much of the tinsel town hype that is out there.

    Bruce H

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