What Makes Hector DeVille’s Newest Course Different

When it comes to Forex trading, a quick Google search will pull up dozens of different training courses designed to help people understand how the Forex market works and how to make money on it. The problem is that the majority of these fall into one of two different categories: those that are strategy-specific and those that are theoretical. The strategy-specific training courses focus on one specific strategy for trading Forex and generally do not go into much further detail. This makes it entirely possible to learn the relevant strategy very thoroughly, but does not teach the student much beyond this. The theoretical training courses provide a comprehensive overview of the mechanics behind Forex trading and the various factors that have to be taken into account, but usually provide very little actionable information. The theoretical courses do provide a useful background for people wanting to fully understand how Forex works, but offers little for someone more interested in practical implementation as opposed to theoretical knowledge.

Hector DeVille’s online training courses, both his older Hectortrader product as well as his current Learn Forex Live has always been a bit different. Hector DeVille has a firmly established reputation for teaching his students not only actual strategies and techniques, but also providing enough theoretical information to make his students more knowledgeable without necessarily burying them in minute details. One of the primary reasons that Hector DeVille’s courses have been so popular is because he has found the right balance between actionable, practical information and informative, theoretical information. The end result is that his students come away from his training program with both a decent understanding of many of the factors that affect Forex trading as well as at least some good ideas on how to exploit this knowledge for a tangible profit.

Primarily presented in an online video format, Hector DeVille’s Learn Forex Live program is a massive extension of his earlier Hectortrader program. As was the case with the earlier course, the focus is primarily on trend-based Forex trading, except now he goes into much more detail regarding applicable strategies for traders. Further, unlike many other teachers that provide courses on Forex trading, he actually explains how his preferred indicators work, meaning that his students come away with knowledge they can apply to any strategy. The end result is that students that use Hector DeVille’s training course usually are much better informed and able to devise and experiment with their own strategies as well as following the specific strategies provided in the learn Forex Live training course.

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Hector Deville's Learn Forex Live

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